Like you didn’t already know.

Wife Swap is hilarious, and I’m starting to become obsessed again. Two completely different families trade the mother and they have to live the alternate lifestyle, yada yada (I’m sure everyone has seen it). This is reality television at its finest. In the most recent episode I watched, one family is on a raw meat diet and they don’t wash their hands after they take a deuce. The other family wears designer clothes and they actually clean their house and bodies, but maybe to an extreme (in my opinion, there’s no extreme when it comes to clean). The families have their freak-out moments, say when the hippy mom is trying to show the nicely dressed husband and children how to slaughter a chicken. But somewhere in the middle, maybe when the hippy licks the kitchen floor, they have a touching moment. There’s always an emotional connection.  The moral of the story is “different strokes for different folks,” whether you like to slaughter your own food or eat out five times a week. This episode however, makes me want to shower.

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