Awkward moments are my favorite moments.

My favorite awkward moment is when the contestants on Cash Cab get three strikes and Ben Bailey kicks them out of the cab. It’s even more awesome when there’s bad weather, and the hesitant looks on the cab riders’ faces when he pulls over makes me giggle.

Awkward moments are my favorite moments, by far. That moment when you’re saying goodbye to someone who you’re relatively close to but not to the point of affection, and one of you goes to hug and the other goes to shake your hand… it’s so grand. Or when you’re about to introduce your friend or loved one to someone and you all of a sudden forget their name… that’s just horrible. Like watching Macy Gray gyrate on Dancing With the Stars, awkward moments make my life brighter. I love being the awkward person at the party, but more than anything I love when awkward situations unravel in front of me.

Nothing is funnier to me than when a kid in class farts and looks around as if it wasn’t him. Or when the drunkest girl at the party tries to take a shot, but just ends up dumping it all over her face. There are awkward situations that you wouldn’t want to be apart of, like when my dad gave me the birds and the bees’ talk when I was 16, and then again when I was 22. Also, gyno appointments.

I’ve been involved in many awkward moments in my life, but the worst one yet was at a wedding I attended recently. The bride and groom were friends from high school, and they decided to place me, my boyfriend, and my parents with an ex-boyfriend from high school’s parents and girlfriend. I counted about 35 awkward silences, and 44 conversations beginning with “soooo…” On my fourth glass of wine, I just giggled it off. Because that’s what you need to do during an awkward moment, be the awkward drunk girl giggling to herself.

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