Me vs. Mom and Dad

At this point, my life is spread across three cities. One city is where I’m currently living with my family as I try (and usually fail) to save money, another city is where I’m trying to get a job and hopefully live sometime soon, and the third city is where my boyfriend is still going to grad school. This week I’m staying at home. Since before Christmas, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to get DVR. They tape a majority of their shows, and until this week, they were still using the VCR method. My God. Now, I’m a stubborn person. But you haven’t seen stubborn until you’ve met my parents. I realized where I get it. From December until now (March, FOUR MONTHS), I would throw out a DVR comment almost every day. And I’ve finally broken them down and we have the blessed thing. I knew I was right in recommending it when my mom screamed “THIS IS AWESOME!!!!” every five minutes. Andrea- 1. Mom and Dad- 0.

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