Dumb and dumber… my life after college.

The most interesting thing I’ve said in the last month? “Birds are cool.” No, I was not eating special brownies. I legitimately thought birds were cool. This thought hit a cascade of different and new feelings at the age of 23, the holy-shit-I’ve-been-out-of-college-for-nearly-a-year feeling where you have no idea where you’re going with your life. But then again, I probably have that realization every day.

When you don’t have professors telling you what to think every week, you start all over again like a five-year old. Yesterday I had the urge to color, in a coloring book, with crayons. And the other day, I got “I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas” stuck in my head. This may make you laugh, but this is my life. I once considered myself smart, getting pretty decent grades. I had the ability to study at one point, to write a paper that made sense, and to partake in group projects and presentations. Now, I find myself going to Dictionary.com more than I want to admit.

It’s very eerie to know that I once lived as an adult and on my own, and now I’m back in my parents’ house looking for a job. Which is depressing considering I was just invited to my five-year high school reunion. Eww. But, I’m seriously trying to stay positive.

I can choose my path. I could be a bum if I wanted to, or I could be a bird collector. It’s my call. But you know when you’ve hit an all time low when your 15-year-old sister corrects your grammar. Having just gone through four years of getting my Bachelor’s in Journalism, it was a bit embarrassing. You know what, eff you spell check! I can do it on my own.

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