I just don’t get it.

WhY dO pEoPlE wRiTe WiTh ThEiR lEtTeRs AlL jAcKeD uP? iTs HaRd To ReMeMbEr WhIcH lEtTeR iS bIg AnD wHiCh LeTteR iS sMaLl. ItS wAy ToO TeDiOuS tO wRiTe OuT yOuR lEtTeRs ThIs WaY, aNd FrAnKlY, i’M gEtTiNg ReAlLy FrUsTrAtEd. ThEsE lEtTeRs ArEn’T cOoL, aNd NeItHeR aRe ThE pEoPlE wHo WrItE tHiS wAy. I lItErAlLy WaNt To PuNcH tHe KeYbOaRd. I mEaN tHe PeOpLe On FaCeBoOk WhO wRiTe OuT aLl ThEiR InTeReStS, fAvOrItE mOvIeS, fAvOrItE MoViE qUoTeS, eTc… WhO hAs AlL tHiS tImE tO wRiTe It OuT tHiS wAy? It DoEsN’t MaKe It LoOk At AlL aRtSy Or CoOl. MoRe LiKe A rAnSoM NoTe. I’m NoW vIsItInG mIgRaInE-cItY bEcAuSe Of ThIs. EfF tHeSe LeTtErS. i JuSt HaVe OnE mOrE tHiNg To SaY. kAtE GoSsElLiN iS jUsT aS aNnOyInG aS tHeSe LeTtErS. dId YoU sEe HeR dAnCe LaSt WeEk On DaNcInG wItH tHe StArS? It WaS lAuGhAbLe! AnYwAy… PeOpLe NeEd To NeVeR wRiTe LiKe ThIs. CaN yOu EvEn ReAd ThIs? PuNcH tHe NeXt PeRsOn WhO wRiTeS lIkE tHiS. bUt NoT mE. dOn’T pUnCh Me. I aM cOoL.


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2 responses to “I just don’t get it.

  1. i couldn’t finish reading the whole paragraph.

    and yes I HATE WHEN PEOPLE WRITE LIKE THAT TOO! (I’m just sayin’)

  2. Haha, my point exactly. I was looking at someone’s profile info on Facebook, and their entire interest page had those letters. Ridiculous.

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