Thank you, mom and dad.

Have you ever been through a situation that made you realize how patient your parents are? Whenever you have that thought of, “ohhh…so I was a bratty little punk,” it makes you feel weirdly grown up. Well, I finally realized everything my parents put up with while raising me and my sisters. All it took was a car ride.

It was a Monday, and I woke up at 5:30am, drove an hour and a half, worked for eight hours, went to both Pilates and spin class (can we say major tushy burn?), and finally arrived home at 8:30pm (again, after driving an hour and a half). Exhausted. I was able to sneak in a five-minute shower, and was just about to pop my Lean Cuisine pizza into the microwave. I literally had my finger grazing the start button when my 15-year-old sister walked into the kitchen and said, “Ummm…do you think you could take me to my friend’s house? Oh and can you pick her up on the way, too? She’s at her boyfriend’s house.”

With my parents out-of-town, I felt I had to say yes. I was playing mom and dad to her that week, so I wanted to be a good older sister and oblige her. We live in a fairly small town, so I thought it would take five or ten minutes tops, then I could finally plop on the couch and stuff my face.

I’m not trying to rant about my little sister, because we’ve all been there. Being chauffeured around is probably just as annoying as being the chauffeur. And I’m not ragging on her friend, either. They’re young. But no matter how cute these girls are and how much I like them, I was still very annoyed. Now I know what my dad always talked about when he said,”all I want to do is drink my beer and watch my Star Trek re-runs.”

When we pulled up to the boyfriends’ house, I expected her to be standing outside waiting for us. But no, we had to wait for what felt like 20 minutes. But wait, they were texting so she was definitely coming. Ten whole minutes of texting passed, and it took all the energy I had left, which was extremely minimal, to not scream, “JUST F*CKING CALL HER.” At that point it hit me how often my mom had taken me everywhere before I got my license, and with a smile on her face. She drove me everywhere, and I don’t remember ever saying thank you, and meaning it. I’m sure inside she was thinking, “you little bitch.”

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