live long and prosper.

One day, my boyfriend and I were talking about our favorite year in elementary/middle school. I said I loved the fourth grade the most, because it was before my awkward phase, and I loved my fourth grade teacher. My boyfriend said his favorite year was the third grade, and I thought it was because of girls on the playground or something (I think it’s around that age when boys become girl-crazy, or boy-crazy. Whatever they prefer). But he simply said, “multiplication tables” with a dead serious look on his face. He then broke into a story about his ongoing battle with David Gin, his math nemesis. Every day when the teacher made the class complete timed multiplication tables, he and David would always be the first two done, my boyfriend being defeated day after day. Until one day, after a long night of studying his flash cards, he finally took David Gin down. He beamed at the memory of being the victor, slamming his test down on his teacher’s desk, anxiously awaiting the teacher’s grade and then triumphantly marching back to his seat when she announced his perfect score. After hearing his proud story, that’s the moment I knew I had fallen in love with a nerd.

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