Hallway Etiquette

In past temp jobs, I’ve always been noticeably awkward when it came to hallway etiquette. When you’re passing by someone in the hallway, whether it be someone you’re acquainted with or not, what should you do? Smile and say hi, ignore them, act like you’re texting somebody? I’ve been trying to figure this out. Now, with my current temp job, I’m starting to get the hang of it. I think I have it down to a simple smile. Sometimes I do some small talk… it depends on the situation. Usually everyone, about 90 percent, smiles back, says hi, etc. But there’s one woman who always smirks at me, and it drives me crazy. She has not smiled at me once. And we pass each other quite a bit during the day. In the morning, I think, okay well maybe she’s not having a good day so far. But by mid-afternoon, and the third smirk, I’m wondering what this woman’s deal is. Is there something on my face? Does she think I dress badly? Next time I see her in the hall, which will probably be in five minutes, I’m going to scowl and give this woman a taste of her own bitter medicine. That would probably be better than smiling more, with a huge grin. That would just be creepy.

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