Oh Twitter, how I love thee.

Using Twitter has started to change my outlook on reading. I do it in bursts now. When I read emails, well the less important emails anyway, I read the first line of each paragraph and just assume that it’s the only important part. Important emails, I do read…but if you forward me something (like when my grandpa forwards me the same five email forwards in rotation), I won’t even bother looking at it. When I read my Kindle, I read it for 10 minutes in the morning and before I fall asleep. Newspaper articles, Perez Hilton’s website, etc. I now scan everything. I used to read a newspaper from start to finish. Not anymore. I used to write long blog posts. Meh.


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2 responses to “Oh Twitter, how I love thee.

  1. dr

    good to see my Christmas present is getting 10 minutes of daily use.

  2. Oh, forwards, I’ll reply-all with a debunk if it’s a hoax, or just smash&rant about it if there are no articles on hoax-busting sites that discourage their spread. When friends only bother with you to send you junk – well, annoying and frustrating, even insultd is putting it mildly.

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