Things to work on. Update.

As I sit here and eat my Eggo waffles and matzoh pizza for lunch, I decided on more things I should “work on.” I have made an update to my “things to work on” list. Here is what I originally put:

-My road rage. Including: Stop yelling at people as they try to cross the street. Stop at the stop sign and not in the cross walk. Generally respect other cars and people on the road.

-Resist the urge to scream, “I love this song!” every time you ever hear a song, in any setting.

-Stop pretending that you hate soap operas. They are awesome to laugh at, but like reality television, you can’t stop watching.

-Stop eating so much cheese. Cheese does not define you.

-Finish what you start. Nothing is more annoying than someone who doesn’t finish what they sta

Here is what I would like to add:

-Stop flirting with babies in supermarket lines. Mothers don’t think its cute, they probably think you’re a creepy baby snatcher.

-Stop saying “dude” so much. That’s what 13 year-old boys do.

-Become less directionally challenged. For example, if you have someone driving to your house, and they’ve never been there before, you should probably know where they need to turn, if you’re north or south of a certain area, etc.

This list could get longer.

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  1. 🙂 maybe you should get yourself a map of the greater indianapolis area… also tipton is North of Indy (duh, i’m sure you knew that) which can be a good reference point to figure out directions

    also, I do remember you finishing that blanket you were knitting so that counts toward finishing what you start. On that note, I have also begun crocheting a blanket… its taking forever though…

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