A childhood game.

I was asked, “What childhood game do you remember fondly?”

The game I remember the most was only played once, and it was called “Try to fit your head between the stair railings.” I lost.

One morning, we were awake before our parents woke up, as usual. We decided to play with our Barbies and such, as usual. Except this time it led to my sister urging me try to fit my head between the railings. Of course I wanted to prove her wrong. My parents were awoken by my sister, and of course me screaming, because my head got stuck. Somehow I had placed my head in at the top where it was roomier, and worked my way down to the bottom where there was no wiggle room. My parents struggled for quite a while to get my head out, but eventually they did and I still can’t live it down. Its one of my prouder moments.

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