Meet Sophie.

This is Sophie. She may look sweet….

I may overfeed her. But she doesn't mind.

But we have a love/hate relationship. She started out as our family’s pet. After she grew up, she stubbornly decided she wanted to be an outside cat. We thought she ran away for good, but put food out for her anyway. It was after we started discovering dead birds and mice on our front porch that we realized she wanted to stay. How lucky we were. She’s about nine years-old now, and shouldn’t be outside during the winter. So my senior year at IU, I did her a favor and brought her to Bloomington with me to live. We’ve been roommates for three years now. I promise I’m not a creepy cat lady.

I imagine that if she could talk, she’d sound a lot like Cathy Bates. Maybe a more sassy and or/creepy Cathy Bates, like her character in Misery. She hates it, but I take a lot of pictures of her. Keep a look out for more to come.

Bitch, I will cut you if you don't cuddle with me.



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5 responses to “Meet Sophie.

  1. Dr

    I see you conveniently left out the horrifying noises she makes, as well as her toe biting shenanigans.

  2. Hi!!
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  3. I wish I had a kitty cat in DC! Oh Sophie you are beautiful…

  4. She’s a beautiful bitch. 🙂

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