Are white keds really thaaaaat bad?

Okay, friends. I need opinions. Sometimes I wear white keds, especially with more casual clothes. And some people have started judging me. I admit, I bought them for a Halloween costume… I was going to be a stereotypical 90s mom (equipped with mom jeans and holiday vest) and these were perfect. They were really comfortable though, so I wore them a couple of times making the excuse that I forgot to bring other shoes so I had to wear them… and then just kept wearing them. Are they really that bad?

I’d like to prove that they aren’t as bad as people are saying. Here’s a few pics of people rocking them:

And hey, at least I’m not wearing these:



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3 responses to “Are white keds really thaaaaat bad?

  1. No they’re not that bad at all, but what exactly are you wearing them with? I think they would look great with a dress and tights! Show us a pic of you wearing them with your outfit!

  2. I wasn’t exactly wearing them with a dress and tights…I was wearing them with jeans and my Colts jersey. So I definitely looked like a 90s mom, hahaha. I’m learning quickly that I should wear my keds with more trendy clothes..

  3. Brian Davis

    White Keds are fine. And very “in” these days. I wear mine with short or jeans, I been wearing them like that for years. In fact I was wearing Keds back in the 90’s when all the soccer moms were too. Something like this
    Or something more colorful like these

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