Humpday rant.

Since it’s Wednesday, which is generally considered the hardest day of the week (it really is, I read it on the Cosmo website, and Cosmo is ALWAYS right), I decided to rant about a couple of things. It always helps to rant. Especially if you’re out of wine.

1. I have a sinus infection. Balls. I’m also trying out a Neti Pot for the first time [insert Lucille Ball whiny noise here].

2. Sometimes during my lunch breaks, I work out in the building next door. My work friend and I are usually lucky to have the gym to ourselves, but since New Years Resolutions haven’t fizzled yet, there have been some more people there. I walked into the bathroom/shower area today, and almost ran into a completely naked woman. Just standing there, out in the open, putting on her deodorant as if she were alone in her own bathroom. HELLO? I don’t want to see that! I understand you’re comfortable enough to walk around naked, but I’m not comfortable with your sisters hanging out.

3. Snow. I’m not even going to say anything else. Wait, one thing. SPRING WHERE THE EFF ARE YOU?


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  1. I really can’t wait for Spring either! I realize I don’t like winter or summer. Just spring and fall. I hope that you heal quickly from your sinus infection too!

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