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Where I work vs. where I live

Downtown Indianapolis is where I’m working right now, and I love it so far. The city is exciting. It’s all hustle-y and bustle-y. I grew up in a small town, as you can see below, but I feel that I’m more of a big city gal. The only issue I have with a big city is the people who beg for money on the street. One day I was about to walk into a shop, and someone popped out of nowhere and I nearly shrieked and rolled my ankle. I’m getting much better at keeping my eyes forward and continuously walking. If someone begs me for money, I could make the argument that I need the money as well. I need spare change, too! Anyway…

Aaaaand this is where I’m living. See the difference? It’s quite the opposite, actually. Not very exciting in my opinion…

A big difference between where I work and where I live is the size. Downtown Indy is quite large compared to a small town with five stop lights. FIVE STOP LIGHTS. Also, the elementary, middle, and high school in my hometown is all one building. Yes, you read that right. All one building. I included the gazebo because its pretty, I don’t actually have a grievance against the gazebo. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great place to grow up, even though it looked much bigger when I was five years old. But I’m more than ready to live in a big city again, even if that means I have to avoid the creepy people on the sidewalk.


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