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The Monsterball that was my birthday.

My birthday weekend was a success. I say that because my foot is bruised in two different places, and my right thumb is throbbing.

I initially thought I was celebrating my birthday eve at the after party for the Lady Gaga concert, and I was very excited. But on Thursday night, I was surprised by my boyfriend and good friend Jodi with Lady Gaga tickets to her Monsterball concert! They had been scheming for about two weeks, unbeknownst to me. So I was able to go to her concert as well as the after party. This was my reaction when I opened the surprise…

The concert was amazing, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go with anybody but Jodi. My boyfriend’s a keeper. We were provided with glasses much like those Gaga wore in her music videos, and some sweet lace finger-less gloves.

Here are pics from the concert, courtesy of Jodi’s professional picture snapping. We had club level seats, so we could see her in all her crazy glory, and pretty close-up.

I wish I was able to get some good pics from the after party, but I was too busy dancing. Hence the bruises. Also, there was some heavy fog all around the place, so the pictures wouldn’t have turned out very well. Also, I wasn’t able to meet her. Whomp whomp. BUT, I had a fabulous time shrieking at the concert, then dancing my tush off at the after party.

So to sum it up, I had a ball at the Monsterball. Ha ha, puns. I could watch her perform every night.



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Birthday wish numero tres

Three days left…am I annoying the crap out of you yet?

Anyway, for my third ridiculously unreachable wish, I want:

3. Mindy Kaling’s career

She started in improv, and has since been a comedy writer, producer, and actor. I’m so jealous! She also has her own Wikipedia entry…

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Birthday wish number 5

5. Lady Gaga’s wardrobe

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Birthday wish 7 & 6

Since I missed putting up my daily birthday wish yesterday, I’m including both wishes today.

#7: A year’s supply of Nutella.

#6: Complete DVD seasons of the following shows:

Salute Your Shorts


Clarissa Explains it All

Hey Dude

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My birthday wish list.

My birthday is in eight days. I will be celebrating the third anniversary of my 21st birthday. Do the math….think about it…. yep, 24 years old. Before my birthday becomes boring and I don’t feel like celebrating because I feel old, I felt I should come up with an elaborate birthday wish list. Feel free to buy/get me these things. If not, we can’t be friends anymore. And the countdown begins…

Number 8: For my birthday, I want Ed Helms to be my fun uncle.

Is it sad that I know exactly what episode and scene this is?

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