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Reasonable resolutions.

Here are my reasonable New Year’s resolutions, as follows:

1) Stop saying the word “sammich.” It’s sandwich. I’m not five years old anymore.

2) I’m not going to vow to lose weight. That will just make me binge eat sandwiches (omg, I did it!) and cookies. I will vow, though, to stick with my workouts. If I have scheduled a workout (at Mindful Movement Studio, those living in the Indianapolis area should really check them out!), I cannot cancel it last-minute.

3) Read all the Harry Potter books and watch all the (released) movies. I’ve already started (as you can see here and here)!

4) Learn cross-stitching. This one is random. I feel like I could be good at it, since I’ve been knitting quite a bit. I’ve been a crafty girl this year (blanket 1 and blanket 2 & 3).

5) Complete workshops at ComedySportz Indianapolis. This one is the most exciting. I started taking improvisation workshops at ComedySportz Indianapolis this year, and level 2 begins in January. I’m really excited to see where that little adventure will take me.

I hope everyone has a fabulous time celebrating the new year!



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I’m crafty! Never thought I’d say that.

I’m knitting my second… and third blanket! Like my first blanket, I’ve stuck with blues and greens. Once I get out of the blues phase, I can move onto other colors. I plan on knitting an IU blanket in the near future! Until then, you’ll be seeing a lot of the cooler color palette!

With one of the blankets, I’m doing two colors at a time, with different rows of green, blue and gray combinations.

I just started knitting this blanket yesterday, and I couldn’t stop. For five hours. I was a knitting madwoman. This one is very simple, I’m knitting a blue and gray striped blanket. There is more blue than gray in the pattern.

I guess I didn’t realize how much blue I’ve been knitting. The blue and gray blanket is for my boyfriend, but I’m not sure who will end up with the blue, green and gray blanket. Maybe my next friend that gives birth to a little boy will receive this at their baby shower! Come on friends, this is a challenge to you. Who wants it?


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