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The Pouter Room

[I wrote this about a year ago, and thought I would share it again. For the ladies]

There should be a special room inside of women’s bathrooms where ladies can “go” and cry. Because if you were a girl in middle school, high school, and even college, you’ve probably seen a girl, maybe at a dance function or a bar, or anywhere with guys involved, sitting on the floor crying with about eight girls huddling around her. We’ve all been there. Or maybe you’re just having a bad day and really need to cry but can’t wait to get to your car. I’ve been there, too.

The special room, let’s call it the “Pouter Room,” could be located anywhere a woman may go on a daily basis. The room could be in office building restrooms, mall restrooms, maybe even the post office or gas station. Filling up your car with gas and need to cry? Then head to Gas America’s “Pouter Room,” because crying in your car is old school. If you feel the need to cry while you’re running errands, then there should be ample Pouter Rooms in your general area. Crying in the Pouter Room alleviates having to cry in public, or in front of men, because guys don’t get it. When a girl needs to cry, and it’s usually at inopportune times, she needs to cry.

This room could be equipped with pretty furniture, maybe with a lounge cushion on the floor and various pillows lying around. Kleenex boxes will be spread about, because, well you know. Comfort foods like chocolate, macaroni and cheese, and beef jerky will be waiting for your arrival. There will be inspirational posters that say, “hang in there” with a kitten hanging off a tree branch. Also, for those in their anger stage, there will be a couple of punching bags to use at your convenience. Maybe it will have a tequila dispenser so she can drown her sorrows and look even more like an idiot.

Either way, the crying crew needs to be out of sight, because nothing is more annoying when you walk into a bathroom and see a chick and her friends talking about how Johnny didn’t ask her out and he asked out that bitch Heather instead (unless you are Heather, which usually means a girl fight will ensue, so you should probably get away before the nails come flying). Unless you’re involved, you just want to take your tinkle, wash the hands, and get on with your day.

As someone who spends a lot of time in the bathroom, I’ve designed many-a bar/restaurant Pouter Room in my head. Who knows…it could happen. This is just a thought bubble, that I’ve thought of, when crying in the bathroom.


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