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A better date night.

During date night tonight, my boyfriend and I went to Scotty’s before heading to the movie theatre (Alice in Wonderland, fabulous!). We ended up sitting at the bar, which was great, but there was just sports news on the flat screens. And I had a thought, I would much rather enjoy my brewski and dill chips with a little E! reality tv. Now, I like sports, and I like watching the games. I would just rather enjoy Keeping Up the Kardashians than two old dudes talking about some draft I should know about.┬áIf there isn’t a game on, then turn it to HGTV. I would pay more attention to House Hunters, along with every other woman in the restaurant (and some guys like it too, hmm cough-myboyfriend-cough). There should be a place the ladies can go and enjoy the Bachelor on the flat screens while snacking on some greasy loaded potato waffles. And if there is such a Heaven, point me in the right direction and I’m there.


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