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Now and Then, watching it now and then.

When I was looking through all the Netflix movies, I had to stick “Now and Then” in my number one slot. I haven’t watched this movie in about a decade, and its so different watching it now compared to when I was 12 years old. But now I remember how much of a classic it is. Four friends living in nowhere-ville, Indiana was the perfect synopsis for me, a girl who grew up in nowhere-ville, Indiana.

The four girls in the movie play the typical roles. One is the chubby girl with over the top morals, one is the aspiring movie star/flirt, one is the essential tomboy who secretly craves attention from dudes, and one likes science fiction novels. You know, the usual.

When I was younger, I would watch this movie with my friends and we would reenact the scenes. We were always on our bikes anyways, much like the girls in the movie. All ladies around my age have probably watched this movie and sang “knock three times on the ceiling if you waaaaant me, twice on the pipe (boom boom) if the answer is noooooo…” I didn’t really focus on the fact that they were trying to solve an old mystery of a murder in their town, I was just jealous of their sweet treehouse.

Now, I’m watching the movie through grown-up eyes, and I have to say, it slightly depressed me. I cried about four times during the movie, just sitting by myself. I’m not as old as the grown-up version of the girls, but it still made me feel old. Crying over their pact they made to stay in touch, I realize its more than about the girls sneaking up on guys as they skinny-dip or about them stuffing their bras. It’s about staying in touch with people, even though you went your separate ways. So if you just graduated college and moved away to a different city than a majority of your friends, then this movie is not for you. I would wait to watch this movie during a reunion with your friends. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting alone stuffing your face with chocolate, remembering the good ol’ days.


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