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Friday night improv.

Tonight, I went to ComedySportz in Downtown Indy to watch one of their shows. I’ve recently started taking improv classes there, and I got a couple free passes to check it out. My belly hurts from laughing so much, it was hilarious.

The show was called “Oz, Unscripted.” It had the basics of the original story of the Wizard of Oz, but with multiple twists and audience participation. We wrote different movie quotes, funny sayings and song lyrics on pieces of paper, and the actors would use them throughout the whole show, grabbing them from buckets placed on the stage. They also gave a lot of opportunity to shout out random things. So for this show, they were in the land of AL, Dorothy was from Machu Picchu (which I thought was really funny because my boyfriend was just there a couple of days ago), and Toto was a badger. The scarecrow was in need of some feminine parts, the tin man needed some moxy (whatever that means), and the lion needed a boat. ┬áThere were six people playing the main characters, which included one of the men playing a couple of the women (which is pretty classic).

The class I started taking at ComedySportz Indy is Improv 101, learning the basics of improvisation. I’m really excited to take more classes (we’ve only had two classes so far) and to improve my improv. Ha, say that five times fast. Seeing this show really got me pumped to keep going with improv. If you know me at all, I like to act foolish, and being able to act foolish with 20 other foolish people is a good time.


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