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Photo Blog: The World’s Greatest College Weekend, Alumni Style

It was a much-needed time for an SC reunion.

On the patio at Kilroy's. Excellent.

Brunette sandwich! Missed these ladies. Also, look to the top left of the screen.

A line started forming at Roy's after a while, as it would. We were the cool ones.

Andi and Andi. 🙂

Strawberry long island. I highly recommend it.

These were all mine. Just kidding, I shared one of those beers I think.

Front row viewing at the race. Third year in a row.

Where the magic happens.

Sweet car. I think it's the new Camero?

And here we go! I'm kind of sad I took barely any pics of the actual racing.

One of my two action shots.

I love the atmosphere on the track. I'll probably be 80 and still showing up on race weekend.

We caught up with two awesome ladies before the race.

One of the most important jobs during the race, the lap counters. I'd screw up counting after lap 10.

This was the theme of race weekend. Loved it!

This was the theme of race weekend. Loved it!

And then it started pouring...

The troopers stayed around. Either they didn't know it was raining, or they thought it was raining tequila. It's hard to tell at this point.

We moved it out of the infield after it was suspended. I'm not sure which viewing area was worse. Great race though!


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