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I’m crafty! Never thought I’d say that.

I’m knitting my second… and third blanket! Like my first blanket, I’ve stuck with blues and greens. Once I get out of the blues phase, I can move onto other colors. I plan on knitting an IU blanket in the near future! Until then, you’ll be seeing a lot of the cooler color palette!

With one of the blankets, I’m doing two colors at a time, with different rows of green, blue and gray combinations.

I just started knitting this blanket yesterday, and I couldn’t stop. For five hours. I was a knitting madwoman. This one is very simple, I’m knitting a blue and gray striped blanket. There is more blue than gray in the pattern.

I guess I didn’t realize how much blue I’ve been knitting. The blue and gray blanket is for my boyfriend, but I’m not sure who will end up with the blue, green and gray blanket. Maybe my next friend that gives birth to a little boy will receive this at their baby shower! Come on friends, this is a challenge to you. Who wants it?



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97% donezo.

I am extremely close to FINALLY finishing my first blanket. I started in March, when I wasn’t working. Now that I’m working again, its taken longer than I planned. But I’m still finishing something that I started! And actually made it look…good.


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My therapy.

the blanket I'm knitting to keep me sane.

I started knitting this blanket about three weeks ago, not realizing I would actually come close to finishing it. Around this time of year, every year, I’ll randomly start knitting. But after a week, I’ll stop. This is the farthest I’ve gone, and I’m actually considering adding this to a list of my hobbies. Impressed? Thought you would be.


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Oh the weather outside is weather.

The white things are snowflakes. I wanted to clarify.

As I delve into the world of knitting, I made a promise to my boyfriend that I would knit him a Christmas sweater. It’ll be his first Christmas sweater, so I’m feeling a little pressure to make it as beautiful as this picture. If anyone has any “Christmas sweater knitting” tips, I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, he’s getting a Christmas scarf.

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