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I’m a happy little monster.

I’m a little slow with the news this week, but I just read that Lady Gaga’s album “Fame Monster” was just named the best-selling album of 2010. And I’m not surprised! As you all know, I’m a GINORMOUS Gaga fan (so much so, that I only refer to her as Gaga sans Lady, like we’re best friends.) I went to her concert with a girlfriend of mine on my birthday in July, and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to (and I’ve seen Coldplay and Nsync, so that’s saying a lot 🙂 ). I’m more than excited for her new album, Born This Way, to come out. She’s going to be making an announcement about it on New Year’s Eve, and I’m going to be (drunkenly) glued to the tv (if I can hear it at the bar) to see what it’s going to be.


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The Monsterball that was my birthday.

My birthday weekend was a success. I say that because my foot is bruised in two different places, and my right thumb is throbbing.

I initially thought I was celebrating my birthday eve at the after party for the Lady Gaga concert, and I was very excited. But on Thursday night, I was surprised by my boyfriend and good friend Jodi with Lady Gaga tickets to her Monsterball concert! They had been scheming for about two weeks, unbeknownst to me. So I was able to go to her concert as well as the after party. This was my reaction when I opened the surprise…

The concert was amazing, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go with anybody but Jodi. My boyfriend’s a keeper. We were provided with glasses much like those Gaga wore in her music videos, and some sweet lace finger-less gloves.

Here are pics from the concert, courtesy of Jodi’s professional picture snapping. We had club level seats, so we could see her in all her crazy glory, and pretty close-up.

I wish I was able to get some good pics from the after party, but I was too busy dancing. Hence the bruises. Also, there was some heavy fog all around the place, so the pictures wouldn’t have turned out very well. Also, I wasn’t able to meet her. Whomp whomp. BUT, I had a fabulous time shrieking at the concert, then dancing my tush off at the after party.

So to sum it up, I had a ball at the Monsterball. Ha ha, puns. I could watch her perform every night.


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Last one, I promise. Berfday wishes!

Today, I am combining my #2 and #1 birthday wishes. It’s that huge. This is something that could make me both barf and pee my pants at the same time. And this one is actually possible.

My birthday wish is….to MEET LADY GAGA!!!!

Tonight, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to her concert after-party. WHERE SHE’S SET TO APPEAR! I KNOW, OH. EM. GEE. Miriam Resnick is awesome.

To those I’ve already talked to about this, it may seem like I’m bragging. But that’s only because I’m bragging. Please don’t bitch-slap me.

I’m too excited to post a picture.

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Birthday wish number 5

5. Lady Gaga’s wardrobe

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