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Why SNL should not be in its off-season.

Reality television has become more and more dramatic, and crazy. It is absolutely horrible television, which is what makes it so great to watch. I love perching in front of the boob tube to watch the weekly train wrecks. Especially with this new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

It's just not the same without Dina.

I wish Saturday Night Live was not in its off-season, because of one person in particular from Real Housewives, and that is Danielle Staub. Why she’s paid to be on tv is beyond me. This woman brings bodyguards around with her (more like ex-cons) because she thinks the other woman are going to kill her. It’s hilarious, and I wish I could see a parody of it every Saturday night.

Bill Hader would be perfect to play Danielle… Let’s make this happen, shall we, NBC?


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