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Hello, my name is Andrea, and I sweat the small stuff.

One day I had a loose hair on my arm, and I could not find it ALL DAY. It was on the back of my arm, and no matter how many times I swiped at it, it would still reappear after a couple seconds. I kept thinking, “you silly little dummy hair, why are you annoying me?” and then I realized that I’m one of those people who sweats the small stuff. Things like this should not bother me, but in my frenzied state, I let it get to me. I do have to say though; the worst loose hairs are the ones that are stuck in your bra. That battle could go on forever.

Some people wouldn’t give a second thought to a loose hair on the back of their arm.  But I let it get to me, and it drove me nuts that I let a loose hair on the back of my arm drive me nuts. And it reminded me of other situations that I freaked out, like the one time I had my hands full and was trying to lock the front door. With my front door, you have to hold the door and lock it at the same time, which makes things complicated if you’re holding something. So while I’m juggling a can of Diet Mt. Dew, my sunglasses, a book, and my deodorant (what I can say, when I sweat, I sweat), with my purse sliding off my shoulder, I’m trying to hold the door with one hand, and lock it with the other. My continuous curse words under my breath and exasperated gestures at the door made me drop the Dew. This only spurred more expletives, and I was forced to open the can outside of the car, and it was humid outside (imagine all of this in a whiny voice). One horrible thing happened after another, like a domino effect. I am glad though, that this altercation with the door didn’t end in me falling and rolling my ankle. Yes, that has happened before.

Another big example of me sweating the small stuff is when I drive. I have horrible road rage, and I’ve had many friends tell me that they hate riding with me in the car. If someone cuts me off, my riding companion will get an earful as if they are the person who cut me off. I also generally hate jaywalkers, people who don’t use their turn signal, people who drive large trucks/SUVs, or people who go below the speed limit. I could go on and on with that one.

A normal person wouldn’t be phased by any of this. They’d be able to brush it off, count to ten, and forget about it. But not me, no. I will spin anything into being more dramatic than it should be. But only with loose hairs, stupid drivers, and dropped cans of sody-pop. Not in life, because you know, that’s ridiculous.


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