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Me vs. the cookies


Today, my mom brought home these extremely delicious frosted sugar cookies. She said she’d stop doing it, but today she went to the grocery store hungry. Terrible idea. These sugar cookies are unlike any cookie I’ve ever eaten. Sugar cookies are my favorite cookies, but when they’re frosted, I grab four of them right away and go to town. But today is a new day. I will not let these sugar cookies rule my life. But it’s hard… I’ve stared at them every time I walk into the kitchen, but I refuse to fall to temptation this time. This girl won’t budge. I’m not going to think about how the frosting tastes like heaven, or how the cookie crumbles like perfection in my mouth. I won’t do it.


I ate a leftover fortune cookie so I wouldn’t eat the frosted sugar cookies. And my fortune ironically read “Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.” I am a winner. I am.


These cookies would be an excellent snack while I watch “I love the 80’s” on VH1. I can just picture a cute montage of me and the cookies having a good time together. But my mom (trying to help me out) told me they didn’t belong to me. But I know her game. Now I want them even more. I need to fit in a bikini, I need to fit in a bikini…


I’ve cleaned out my closet, my desk, folded my laundry, put away my laundry, organized my dresser, and started cleaning my bathroom. All of this because I’m trying to keep my mind off those cookies. You know what? I deserve those cookies. I got a lot done today because of those cookies! I should let myself divulge a little bit. Yep, I deserve it. I’m losing the battle, graciously.


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