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Lessons from a temp.

I'm surprised I haven't put this pic up yet.

If you’ve just started reading my blog (‘ello readers), I’m a temp. Hence the “Temporarily Insane.” Get it? For everyone else who’s been reading my blog from the start, yep, I’m talking about it again. Since last November, I’ve been temp-ing. That means I get a call to go to a random company and do any administrative or clerical work that they want. It isn’t the best situation, but I’m gaining a lot of experience. And not to risk sounding like a hooker, but a girl’s gotta eat. Much like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, I’m trying to do what’s best for me. Plus, I’m sure there’s a large percentage of people who are working temporary jobs right now. I’ve heard many companies are relying on temporary workers to help out (because they can pay them jack-squat, but that’s a whole other rant). Can I get a holla from my fellow temps?

Anyway, since last November, I’ve worked four temporary placements. Yesterday was the first day of placement number four, in downtown Indianapolis working for the state. And only having worked there for two days, I’d have to rate it a B+ so far. This job is actually more interesting than my last three temp jobs combined. But then again, when is collections, telecommunications and home healthcare ever interesting? I apologize to anyone who actually likes those things, I’m sure they’re great.

No matter what company I’ve temped with, I’ve learned a few things that I would like to share with all the temp-virgins out there. Here are a few realizations that I’ve experienced thus far:

-Do not steal the supplies. For example, at one placement, I would steal random supplies from people who were let go and/or quit. Then, I was let go. I’m sure there was a smorgasbord of crap people fought over. Just don’t do it. Say no to the stapler for now, and share until you’ve signed a contract.

-Older folks do not understand technology like you do, so be patient. Even if you have to show someone how to open an email attachment three times, you need to keep your cool. You may be the youngest person in the office if you’re right out of college, and they’ve been working for decades. They also didn’t grow up using a computer, and they probably think Twitter is a health issue. Stay calm, they’ll get it eventually.

-When you switch between placements, you don’t need to go shopping for new clothes. It’s a new set of people, so they’ve never seen your clothes before. Save your money, and keep wearing that pencil skirt you think is getting too old. However, do prepare for eight new people to tell you how much they love your necklace.

-Oh, and the most important one. DO NOT go onto social networking sites at your temp job. It makes you look really bad. That should be obvious. However, not facebooking at work can make you look better than actual full-time employees who do get on Facebook every five seconds.

There you have it. I hope this helps, even though these pointers are pretty much common sense. I, however, learned them the hard way. And I have much more to learn I’m sure.

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