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Cleaning out my closet.

On my to-do list today was to clean out my closet and get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore. Half of my closet will be taken to Plato’s Closet next week.

At one point, I came across a few¬†dresses I wore in middle school and high school for dances and proms, and one for when I thought I could be a pageant queen (yet another embarrassing time of my life). I didn’t realize I still had a couple of these dresses, and so I had to get my collection of old dresses together and show them off. Does anyone still have their old dresses hiding in the back of their closet?

This little doozy is from the 7th grade, for a dance.

I was really into bows back then. Who knew bows would be back in style again?

When I saw this from a pageant forever ago, I didn't realize how anorexic I used to look.

This was from my junior prom. I was one of the poofiest princesses there. Loved this dress, but I think its time to let it go.

Its half the size of my bedroom. Pretty damn poofy.

This is from my senior prom. I wanted to make this dress the exact opposite of my green poof. I think I accomplished that with this little number.

This is from my sister's wedding. Love this dress, wish I kept it in better shape. It must have gotten wrinkled from all the poofy dresses.

Its like I looked at a box of crayons, and said, "Hmm, which terribly bright color should I get this time? Pistachio green or bubble gum pink?"


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